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September 8, 2010


In retail, they call it a “soft opening.” For our purposes, this entry is intended to give readers a sense of who I am and what my intentions are for this blog.

My name is Ken Fountain. I’ve been a writer in one fashion or another since elementary school, and a professional journalist for over a decade (not including my time as a journalist/public affairs specialist in the U.S. Navy).

Most of my career has been in and around my hometown of Houston, Texas, with brief forays in San Diego, California and Beaumont, a medium-sized city about 100 miles east of Houston. I’ve worked for small newspapers, medium-sized papers and a metropolitan paper, as well as for a national legal news service. I’ve also been a stringer for out-of-state papers and an international news service.

After the past few tumultuous years in a newspaper industry that is both shrinking and struggling to find relevance in the new media landscape, I’m presently on my own. This blog is intended as a platform to continue my reporting and writing interests outside of a newspaper hierarchy.

This blog will be primarily reportorial in nature. I plan to write about topics of interest to me and, I hope, you. There’s a lot going on in Houston, a vibrant, diverse city, and I hope to add to the discussion. I don’t have a set topic list, because like many, if not most, journalists, I have an eclectic range of interests. When I can, I also hope to venture beyond the greater Houston region.

While I will strive for objectivity in my reporting, I also may do some commentary from time to time, which will be clearly noted as such. But, again, this is intended to be a reporter’s blog.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll check in now and then to see what I’m writing about. And if you have any thoughts about the topics I cover or how I cover them, I welcome your comments. I only ask that you keep it civil. If I learn that I’ve made any factual errors, I’ll correct them. You can also drop me a line at kenfountain1 (at) gmail (dot) com.  


UPDATE:  In late December 2010, I took a new position at The Examiner Newspaper Group, part of Houston Community Newspapers. Read about how that has changed the focus of my blog here.

Copyright © 2010 Ken Fountain. All rights reserved.


About Ken Fountain

I'm a journalist and writer in Houston, Texas. My areas of specialty include law and courts, local government and energy and environmental issues. You can follow me on Twitter at @twitter.com/kenfountain and email me at kenfountain1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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